2 Weken Wandelen in 1 shirt, Kan Dat? Mijn Ervaring met Merinowol van Dilling

Ik transpireerde altijd al snel en veel tijdens sporten en bewegen, en zowel overgewicht als overgang hebben dat er de laatste jaren bepaald niet beter op gemaakt.

Zo zie ik er uit na een uurtje bergop lopen in de Serra da Lousa in Portugal –>

Oververhit, met zoutplekken in mijn shirt!

Bezweet en rood aangelopen tijdens een bergwandeling

Bergen was in mijn tas na een weekendje wandelen

Voorheen wandelde, sportte en danste ik in katoenen shirts. Die dragen namelijk een stuk fijner dan benauwde polyester varianten waarin ik al ga zweten als ik stil zit.

Na de sportschool, of de dansles gingen die shirts linea recta de wasmand in. Ze waren drijfnat en stonken (na het opdrogen) naar zweet.

Gevolg: de wasmachine draaide overuren als ik lekker veel bewoog.

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Using Instagram as a Habit Tracker

Well, I’ve tried. I thought posting pictures of my daily walks on Instagram would keep me more motivated. I even managed to create 83 of my planned #365hikeschallenge posts.

This is post 83/365 – a picture of a beautiful tree in Athens, Greece, taken on my way to the produce market on Saturday.

This picture was taken on the 27th of May. Today is the 3rd of September. What happened?

I was already waiting several months for surgery, trying very hard to stay as fit as possible while waiting.

End of May I got a phone call telling me that there was a 5-week delay. My motivation tanked below zero. I was sick 5 out of 7 days for weeks in a row already, and tired of waiting.

Whenever I did have the energy I walked around the block, but my daily walks weren’t about exploring nature or a new city anymore, just exercise.

Day 83 of using Instagram as habit tracker for my daily walk. Beautiful tree in Athens, Greece.

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Protein Shake After a Workout?

Protein shake after a work out

A protein shake after a workout is increasingly popular among fitness enthusiasts and bodybuilders, as a recovery drink.

But I have to admit, I felt silly and pretentious when I started using a shake after my endurance training and hiking exercises, on my fitness instructor’s and doctor’s recommendation.

A little research made me change my mind. Here are my reasons to use protein powder after walking or exercising;

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Hiking in Thailand? Not possible for me!

Thai foot massage on the food marketMy fitness level improved a lot this summer, and I expected to keep this upward trend going. Then I decided to visit a friend in Thailand with my travel points…

The weather in Thailand is hot and humid

These are far from ideal walking circumstances for me. I have quite severe lymphatic edema and

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Strolling through the streets of Athens

Quick post, to share some pics of my visit to Athens.

I have been to Athens several times before, so I didn’t feel the urge to visit all the historical sites in the 5 days I spent with my dad at the beginning of April 2022.

We revisited quite a few of them anyway, focusing on 1 museum/ historical highlight a day. For the rest of the time, we just followed our feet, randomly strolling through the city.

Akropolis - view from Balcony

*This is the view from the balcony, I literally saw the Parthenon / Acropolis on waking up and before going to bed, how cool is that?

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How can I use Hiking as Exercise?

Cartoon of me writing down GOALS

This question popped up in my head a few months ago, while feeling desperate with my own exhaustion and my painful legs. The gym was closed due to a Covid-19 lockdown, and I was literally out of breath in 2 minutes. I didn’t even make it to the grocery store, let alone the beach – which is located a 20-minute walk from my house. Hiking beautiful and long nature paths felt way out of reach.

But what if I would use walking as my exercise to become fit again?

I decided to create a Training Plan focused on Hiking.

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