My Daily Goal: Hiking for Mental Health

Walking improves my mood almost immediately.

It’s not just for physical fitness and building up strength, that I challenge myself to go on a daily walk.

No matter how down or stressed I feel, a good stroll always lifts my spirit.

Simply walking in my own neighborhood already gives me clarity of thought and peace of mind most of the time. But if I manage to plan a long beach walk into my schedule, the stress-reducing effect of my hike is way stronger.

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Yesterday at the beach was brilliant! First sunny day after weeks of heavy rain…

Everyday, more doctors and psychologists add walking in nature to their clients’ toolbox to fight depression, anxiety and burn out. It’s easy, and doesn’t cost a dime, so everyone who can walk could benefit.

Do you use walking to improve your mood?

Please tell me in the comments how, when and where you like to go hiking, I love to hear from you.

2 thoughts on “My Daily Goal: Hiking for Mental Health”

  1. I am so lucky! I live at the foot of a nature park and only a half hour’s drive from the coast, so I can have it both ways: walking in the mountains and walking along the sea.

    Most of the time, I walk daily. My main reason is that it’s good for my body. Ever since I live in Spain, I rarely am in a bad mood anymore. Maybe that is because I walk daily in nature?

    It’s probably also because the sun shines most of the time. In the Netherlands, the grey and cold winters had a bad influence on my mood. 🙂

    Such beautiful pictures you made on the beach. The Dutch beaches are marvellous! You’re so lucky to be able to walk there frequently. 🙂

  2. You are lucky indeed! Living in a sunny place, surrounded by nature. Sounds awesome to me.

    I strongly believe that nature and sunshine are excellent mood boosters. The beach adds a little extra, with all the space, wind, sounds, waves… it is not very hard to make beautiful pictures on such a magical place, but thanks!!


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