Walking for Health Benefits – my Results after 3 Months

In early October 2021 I was completely fed up with my low energy level combined with numerous health issues, so I decided to create a personal training plan* to get fit. I have been walking daily for health benefits since then.

Walking at the beach during sunset

The results of my first 3 months of healthy and helpful habits are way better than I anticipated! Here is a short list of my results:

My overall fitness improved

Not that it was that difficult to improve … My stamina was so bad when I started in October last year, that even 300 steps more than the previous day was a BIG improvement! I guess that’s the upside of rock bottom. Every little step from there is up.

But I accomplished a lot more than just little steps and a few extra minutes. Most of the time I can walk 10000 steps a day now, without experiencing a backlash of several days.

It feels great to be able to walk like this again. Although I am not exactly ready for some serious hiking yet, I didn’t hike with my day pack for instance, I am getting there slowly but steady.

A half day hike in the forest nearby my house is doable, at least that’s what I think. It is on the agenda for the second half of January – I plan to hike with a friend and I am looking forward to it.

I lost 8.5 kilo in 3 months!

Losing so many kilos in winter is a huge and unexpected win for me. Especially December with all its holidays is a challenging month, but in general the ‘darker’ months of the year make me crave chocolate and big amounts of pasta or mashed potatoes… So I was celebrating, on the first day of this year, that my weight remained almost the same during the holidays.

OK, to be totally honest, between Christmas and New Years eve I gained 700 grams, which I immediately walked off during the first week of January. I was ridiculed by my friends and family, because I zoomed in on these 700 grams. But I didn’t care at all, and let them have their laugh. I know myself… If I go easy on myself and say “oh it doesn’t really matter, this is a special time, so give yourself some slack Kadanza”, these 700 grams will turn into 7 kilos before I know it!

I am committed to build healthy habits, for the long run. Falling off the wagon during holiday season isn’t a problem, but not correcting myself is the beginning of the end…

I am thrilled by my first 3 month weight loss numbers. I also happen to know hat I have to lose another 15 kilos for a more healthy weight. This isn’t a sprint, but a marathon. So I better make sure that I change my lifestyle for good.

I can walk for 2 hours straight now on most days

Who would have thought that, just 90 days ago? Not me! I was desperate back then. Now, I am almost ready for some beautiful hikes in nature around where I live! I give myself the joy of anticipation, already investigating which hike near me I will walk first. I even created a Pinterest board for it.

* In case you’re interested in what my personal walking program looks like, I wrote a short article about it. You can read it here: How I use hiking as exercise to get my health back

We started a small All Weather Walking Club

The idea is to motivate ourselves to go walking, no matter what the weather forecast is. This isn’t my own idea, I copied it from a friend. It seems to work wonderful for me.

Right now, I have 2 friends and 2 family members living nearby that are also committed to daily walking, so we decided to help ourselves and each other with reaching our goals by beginning the All Weather Walking Club. We have been sending each other direct messages, planned part of our walks together and above all, cheered for each other for the last 10 days.

Because of this newly formed community, I even walked a few times in pouring rain last week. On my own, I wouldn’t do it. For short walks near my home, this appears to be actually not a problem at all, the obstacle is entirely in my own mind.

I can change clothes when I come home, have lunch and a warm drink inside a heated room, what’s the fuss about anyway? A 4-hour hike in the rain still isn’t appealing to me, but the daily healthy habit of a short walk I can manage right now, even in bad weather.

The All Weather Walking Club is open for new members, so if you live in The Hague in the Netherlands, and would like to join us, let me know in the comment box below. You are welcome to walk with us.

Currently I am training for a proper 1-day hike of 20 km

All this walking around in my city and on the nearby beach is great for training, habit building and reaching my goals. I am proud of what I accomplished and the backyard beach didn’t lose its beauty by its familiarity.

But I miss the feeling of adventure and the variety in landscapes. So I am really looking forward to a ‘real’ hike, instead of a beach walk or city stroll, in the near future!

I am curious what the next 3 months will bring..

It is sensible to prepare myself for a slow down in results, I guess. Everybody around me keeps telling me that my weight will drop more gradually after the first big drop. I guess they are right. But as long as I see progress, both in energy level and in losing weight, I am on the right track.

So how about you?

Are your fitness goals any closer than in the 4th quarter of last year? Please, let me know in the comment box below!

6 thoughts on “Walking for Health Benefits – my Results after 3 Months”

  1. Wow, these are some great results. Improving our Health, and losing weight are key reasons why you should go on a hike or walk. I haven’t been walking lately as its been too cold, I’m planning to restart in February. Wishing you more success in the future. Congratulations, and Thank you for sharing your experience. 

    • Thank you for celebrating my results with me, Champ! 

      Cold weather hiking sure asks for a lot of motivation, it isn’t easy to leave our warm and cozy homes behind… In the Netherlands, winters are grey and moist but never really cold. Good luck with restarting in February, I am positive you will succeed.

  2. Hi Kadanza,

    Wow! This is really encouraging though it requires for someone to have time. But, you need to create time when it is for your overall health. I also think anyone can do that since everything has a beginning. All is possible!

    Great and encourage to keep going 🙂

    Thank you so much.

    • Hi Aubin, Thanks for taking the time to respond to my progress report and glad to hear that you feel encouraged! 
      It’s true, selfcare takes a lot of time! There are days that I almost convince myself that I am way too busy for 45 minutes of walking, or don’t have time for healthy cooking. But when I remember that I easily watch a movie that takes 2 hours of my time, I am out of excuses and put my walking shoes on again 😅

  3. Congratulations on your weight loss, Kadanza! And another congratulations is justified because you have inspired someone (me) living 2500 km further down south than you to extend the walking time. My goal is to go from 30″-1hr that I do now daily up to 1-2hr.

    Right after my goal-setting, I started with a setback. Grrr. My visit to the osteopath had a bigger impact than I anticipated. But I trust that’s only temporary.

    The first year of covid measurements had absolutely no impact on my weight, unlike most of my friends who all put on pounds. But for some reason, I gained 4 kg last summer and I can’t seem to get rid of them. So, an extra motivation to extend my walks. 🙂

    Maybe I will steal your idea of the Hiking Club as well. It doesn’t have to be an all-weather club as we have at least 300 sun-days over here. 😀
    The only thing I am worried about is the capturing of a specific time. I love my freedom and I wouldn’t have it then, having to wait for others. How do you deal with that?

    • Hi Hannie, great to hear that you upgraded your hiking goal! (And big bummer that you have to wait a little before you can actually do that… I wish you a speedy recovery.)

      I share your worries about freedom, so I didn’t commit to fixed weekly timeframes with my walking buddies… I send a group message on rainy days, that I feel reluctant to walk but want to do my steps, so if someone wants to join around xx:xx pm that would be wonderful.

      If someone joins me, I get to walk in the rain. But if nobody is available on my specific time, I tend to go out anyway – because I shared my schedule in the group!

      Apart from that, I make specific dates with the other members – we never walked with our group of 5 together so far, and it doesn’t matter. This morning I had a date before school and work with my 20 year old (step)son ; we walked from 8 to 9 am, started in the dark and came back after sunrise. Great way to start our day, we intend to repeat that twice a week.


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