My Daily Goal: Hiking for Mental Health

Walking improves my mood almost immediately.

It’s not just for physical fitness and building up strength, that I challenge myself to go on a daily walk.

No matter how down or stressed I feel, a good stroll always lifts my spirit.

Simply walking in my own neighborhood already gives me clarity of thought and peace of mind most of the time. But if I manage to plan a long beach walk into my schedule, the stress-reducing effect of my hike is way stronger.

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Yesterday at the beach was brilliant! First sunny day after weeks of heavy rain…

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Does walking help with depression?

Yes, it does. The good news: you don’t have to go for a run. Walking improves your mood.

To make the best of your walks while battling depression, I share some tips and ideas about your surroundings, your company, your goal setting and overall self care. This way you can optimize the positive effects of your walks.

Location matters, when walking to relieve depression

Moving your body supports your brain in many ways.
But there is a big difference in effect between walking indoors, walking in urban surroundings and walking in nature.

Read more: Does walking help with depression?

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